5 Ways to Creatively Pay for College

I paid $44,670 for college. Cash. My two biggest secrets? I didn’t take loans and I took my time.

I’m a believer in staying in the positive financially as much as possible, especially when it comes to college. And I have some advice for you on how to do it creatively.

  1. Use your gifts – Everyone is good at something. For me, I loved cartooning so I taught cartooning lessons and I was studying photography in college, so I took portrait photos. I was able to earn a little experience, while earning a little cash. Babysit. Design websites. Repair cars, or computers. Use your gifts to benefit your education. Continue reading

Steering Clear of College Debt: Part II

This post corresponds with my first post about graduating from college without debt. Part I was about my choice to pay my way through college and the statistics backing up my choice.This part (Part II) is all about the “little things” I did to accomplish that goal. Most things will seem trivial, or like they’re not worth the time. But even if they’re not saving you a lot of money at once, several of these things together, or over time, can save you a TON! They add up very quickly, trust me. Besides, I made it through college by paying cash, didn’t I? Continue reading

Steering Clear of College Debt: Part I

When writing my thoughts on the College Debt Issue, I had SO much fun…I mean, INFORMATION, that I decided to divide it into two parts. This part (Part I) talks about why I decided to go to college debt-free. And for your enjoyment, I have created Part II, which covers all the stuff I did to pay for tuition. Then I thought…gee, after you read all of this you’re going to want to know how we paid for school and paid off my husbands’ $23,000 debt at the same time. Well, you’ll just have to stay tuned… Continue reading