Lessons in Life: Have Random Dance Breaks

The music starts, and the boogie-ing begins.

My little guy loves to dance. He waves his hands, and twists and turns. Occasionally he stops and does a little booty bouncing up and down. Whether it’s the radio, his baby piano app on my iphone, or a jingle on TV, he appreciates the happiness and the freedom music brings.

What I love most about his love for music and dancing is that he is uninhibited. His face lights up with joy and he expresses that by dancing. He doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. His moves aren’t coordinated or choreographed, he doesn’t do the famous “Sprinkler” or the “Dougie,” he just dances.

I am not a dancer (kiddo gets all his moves from his daddy). The main reason: I’m too self-conscience. I’m way too concerned about looking like an uncoordinated, arm flailing fool. I’m afraid you’ll see that I’m not dignified, and that I don’t have it all together (‘Cause guess what? I don’t!). My husband tells me that’s what so great about dancing, but I just don’t see it. It means vulnerability and a lack of complete control, things that are not comfortable for me. My world revolves around trying my best to keep things in line, and dancing doesn’t fit that. 

But as a parent my world has been rocked by this tiny person in my life, and he’s teaching me that there is no reason to hold back. The way children are is the way I believe God intends us to be. Joyous, exuberant, excited, and uninhibited. And when that music begins and his face transforms to show his happiness, and the rest of him follows, it’s kind of contagious. It makes you want to be free.

It makes you want to dance.


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