Lessons in Life: Have Random Dance Breaks

The music starts, and the boogie-ing begins.

My little guy loves to dance. He waves his hands, and twists and turns. Occasionally he stops and does a little booty bouncing up and down. Whether it’s the radio, his baby piano app on my iphone, or a jingle on TV, he appreciates the happiness and the freedom music brings.

What I love most about his love for music and dancing is that he is uninhibited. His face lights up with joy and he expresses that by dancing. He doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. His moves aren’t coordinated or choreographed, he doesn’t do the famous “Sprinkler” or the “Dougie,” he just dances.

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Punch Fear in the Face: My Thoughts on Start

I just finished Start.

That doesn’t sound like it makes sense, until you know that Start is the title of a book by Jon Acuff. Now is the part where suddenly everything becomes clear.

I just finished the book Start, and it was AWESOME, just like the tag line, “punch fear in the face.”

This book has been monumental for me, and there are two reasons why:

  1. The book is about fears that hold us back from being awesome.
  2. The book is about telling your fears to stop holding you back from being awesome. Continue reading