Have Faith AND Trust

They say wisdom comes with age, but sometimes I wonder if we’re born with the kind of spirit God intends us to have, and with age comes doubt. Kids are so uninhibited most of the time. They’re not so nervous to say or do things we adults would never think of doing. Many times they have a unique and innocent view of the world that we could benefit from having, even just a little bit.

I am already seeing this in my son, who is not quite a year old. In the Christian church there are no baby baptisms, but rather dedications. Parents dedicate themselves to seek after God and trust in Him while raising their children, doing their best to teach their kids to do the same. We did this with our son when he was a newborn and one of the hopes we have for his life is that he will not be afraid of life, or anything in it because he will trust in the Lord to guide his steps. But so far he is teaching me, more than I am teaching him.

His personality is already showing his fearlessness. When he was about nine or ten months old we had a highchair that was like a booster seat with a tray on it. It only had a buckle to keep him from sliding out. The first time I reached to take him out of it he jumped from the seat and directly into my arms. After a moment of panic and then seeing that he was just fine and had even been laughing when he jumped, I gave him a hug and set him on the floor.

Every time after that, we went through the same routine. We eventually got a different highchair with better restraints (thank goodness!), but at some point before then I realized that he was extremely trusting and unafraid. He would leap blindly from that chair, trusting that I would catch him every time. What an awesome lesson to apply to our relationship with God. We talk about taking a leap of faith, but I don’t think we always trust that God will catch us. What would happen if we had this kind of childlike faith?

It got me thinking about what kinds of things I would change. What I would say or do that would be different if I truly trusted and made the decision to take a leap, or even just a step, in faith? It was a great reminder of all of the times God promises to take care of us, if we trust Him. When I am able to joyfully take that leap, trusting God to catch me, an amazing sense of freedom is experienced, in letting go of worry and holding on to Him.

“Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord God is an everlasting rock.” – Isaiah 26:4


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