November “Menu”

You may have noticed I haven’t posted a grocery menu this month (or maybe you didn’t, in that case – it’s okay, we can still be friends). The reason I haven’t is because my family and I are adding something new to our menu this month, and it’s called:


(Now the incredibly boring article photo probably makes more sense…yep, I’m simplifying)

We have found ourselves stuck in a rut in every aspect of our lives. What this means for menus and shopping, I don’t know just yet, but let’s hope it’s a good thing. As far as how it’s going so far in the other areas, we’re on the track to something great. We’re implementing a “Self-Care Plan” for both of us and it looks like this: Body, Mind, Social, Spiritual. Having a good balance of each of these things nearly everyday is so important. It means different things for each of us, but it is already changing us!

Here’s how we’re adding these categories to life:

1. (BODY) We’ve made it a point to get up early and be in bed by the same-ish time at night. Having a few extra hours together in the morning before the baby wakes up has been awesome, and getting the sleep we need at night has made a big difference too.

2. (BODY) Eating a better breakfast each day. We’re still mostly doing the Paleo thing, although we occasionally find ourselves in the drive thru at the Wendy’s across the street (that was a really bad location choice on their part). One thing Paleo insists on is a great, healthy breakfast, and we’re doing our best to make that happen.

3. (MIND) Investing in things that represent who we are. For me this is painting, drawing, writing, etc. For Mike it is running, lifting, hiking, helping others,etc.

4. (MIND) Reading books that are based on things we are working toward. Like, I am reading My Heart’s at Home by Jill Savage, a book about being a purposeful and intentional stay at home mom. I am also still trying to finish Crazy Love by Francis Chan, a book about God’s love for us and the importance of accepting it. Both things are where I am at right now in life.

5. (SOCIAL) We’ve scheduled 2-3 date nights a month in advance (it was always a last minute thing before) and nothing interrupts that night, not even a phone call! This gives us something to look forward to and time to plan a fun evening.

6. (SOCIAL) I’ve joined several groups in the past two months. MOPS (for moms), a crochet club at the library, our church is starting a moms group, and I’m already in a Pinterest Craft Club, all of which get me out of the house on a regular basis.

7. (SOCIAL) We’re making it a point to connect with two or three friends that we can talk to without judgment or criticism. People that we look up to and can give good advice on life, etc. For me, I have a few friends I can call, and Mike meets with two guys a few times a month for coffee.

8. (SPIRITUAL) We’re putting God first again – devotions, prayer, and time to be quiet and journal have become my favorite part of getting up early. It’s a peaceful start to the day!

9. (SPIRITUAL) We’re back in small group at church and it has been AMAZING in all of the one meetings we’ve been to so far. They’re doing a book study on complaining and let me tell you, that is exactly what has been fueling our dissatisfaction with our situation.

This may not seem like simplifying, but our lives seem so much more relaxed when we’re able to invest in the important things. I hope this helps you if you find yourself stuck in a rut like we were. I have a feeling it is going to work wonders in our household!


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