Mommy Jealousy: Are Pinterest and facebook to Blame?


I got together with some friends for a “Pinterest Party” a few weeks ago. It’s something we do every month. We choose a craft, and make a treat of some kind from our recipes board. It’s a great excuse to actually do one of the many things we’ve pinned. During the evening I received a really nice compliment from one of the girls.

Instead of accepting the compliment, I smiled and laughed it off, while my stomach became like a rock.

All that night I had been thinking about how I wished I was more like those girls. I wished I was more talkative, more confidant, had nicer hair, or trendier clothes. I wished my apartment was a house and that my life was less complicated. The inside of me wished I was just like someone else.

I think we have a tendency to never be happy with our lives. This especially seems to be the case with many moms who compare themselves to other moms and end up experiencing “mommy guilt.” Some would say that Pinterest and facebook are to blame because it showcases the best qualities in our friends, making us jealous of their seemingly perfect lives. I can’t help but think that’s not it.

Pinterest and facebook are only tools. The jealousy and unhappiness comes from inside of us.

If I could encourage you in two ways today it would be this: First, every mom excels in something. Whether it be patience, peace-keeping, compassion, creativity, or self-discipline. Don’t let someone’s successes or gifts make you feel as though you have none of your own. Second, encourage other moms. Be happy for them when they succeed and praise the things they do well. But share your insecurities and failures too – there is nothing that makes me feel more secure in my weaknesses than knowing I’m not the only one that isn’t perfect.




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