Marriage is Not for Wimps: Cause Sometimes We Barely Survive

Marriages are on my heart a lot.

I have experienced a rough marriage. We’ve had months of bitterness and resentment. We’ve had times of wondering the “what if’s” of marrying someone else.

I’ve also experienced a marriage filled with love and admiration. We’ve had some really good times. Our wedding day. Our first anniversary. The birth of our son.

But the best times are right now. Continue reading


Mommy Jealousy: Are Pinterest and facebook to Blame?


I got together with some friends for a “Pinterest Party” a few weeks ago. It’s something we do every month. We choose a craft, and make a treat of some kind from our recipes board. It’s a great excuse to actually do one of the many things we’ve pinned. During the evening I received a really nice compliment from one of the girls.

Instead of accepting the compliment, I smiled and laughed it off, while my stomach became like a rock.

All that night I had been thinking about how I wished I was more like those girls. I wished I was more talkative, more confidant, had nicer hair, or trendier clothes. I wished my apartment was a house and that my life was less complicated. The inside of me wished I was just like someone else. Continue reading