Kids Say The Funniest Things…

Sometimes it is easy as a parent to get so caught up in the busy schedules and the routines that we can miss out on the little moments. This month I asked my facebook friends to share funny moments of things their kids have said or done that have made them laugh. The comments and stories that were shared ranged from hilarious to gross (I mean we are talking about babies and kids!) to sweet and innocent. But each were a reminder to take things slow sometimes. Enjoy these stories…

I’m pregnant with twins. We have been trying to explain to my two year old son that he is a big brother to two sisters. Recently, I asked him if he would help me take care of his sisters. He responded, “Yeah, I will help!” So, he ran over to get his milk and preceded to feed his sippy cup in my belly button. – Laura C.

My husband was practicing for a childrens’ skit about manna and one of his lines was “manna? sounds yucka.” My son said, “yucka. Espanol daddy?” – Anna J.

My husbands uncle was talking to my daughter, pointing out the trees and flowers and then the sky.  “Sky” was a new word to her, so she said it a couple times, then reached up with both hands and said “Tickle sky!  Tickle tickle!”  – Anna J

After I went to get a pedicure, I found my son “painting” his toe nails with my lip gloss. – Nadine G.

My husband gives my son “noogies” a lot. The other day my son came up and started trying to do one. We said “what are you doing?” He said, “I am giving you a “nooky.” – Kayla T.

I had a kid at work ask, “is gravel Spanish for ‘rocks’?” – Kori H.

Once in my daughters bath there was a hair floating and she started screaming for me to “get the snake out!” – Michelle C.

When we were at the Geek Squad counter at Best Buy, my two year old son said loudly (twice), “I pooped!” He was very proud. – Felisha D.

One time my husband was doing bicep curls with my son. He went to give him a kiss as he pulled him up and my son spit up in his mouth….I thought it was funny. – Kylie S.

My daughter put red and blue nail polish and foundation on the dog on the 4th of July when she was two. – April S.

This last one is a sweet reminder of just how important this parent thing really is,

My daughter gave me the nicest compliment. I asked her what she wanted to be when she grows up, and she said, “You Mommy”! – Kara M.



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