PALEO Monthly Shopping – October Menu

SO…we’re trying out the Paleo diet. Yep, we’re doing it. I say trying because it was incredibly difficult to come up recipes at first, and I’m kind of skeptical that I’ll be able to keep up with the prep – because it’s not as freezable as it was before. Lucky me, Pinterest is full of recipes, snack ideas, desserts, crockpot meals, etc. that are Paleo. For those of you who don’t know, eating Paleo (or Paleolithic) is removing all dairy, refined grains, beans, and sweeteners. So what is left, you might ask? Meat, fruits and vegetables.

It has been interesting. Continue reading


8 Things I Want to Be as a MOM

I’ve seen so many lists pinned on Pinterest about what moms want their kids to learn and mistakes they don’t want them to repeat, lessons they hope they don’t figure out the hard way, and so on.

Those lists bother me.


Believe me, I’ve got a list of my own running through my head of things I hope he doesn’t do or get into, but I feel like being a good parent is probably a lot more about me than it is about my kid. I think those lists of wishes can sometimes become a list of expectations. The last thing I want to do is to set the bar so high that my kids feel like they may never be able to reach the perfection I seem to expect.



So I decided to come up with my own list of things that are reminders about what I want from ME. I want to be a mom that can… Continue reading

Kids Say The Funniest Things…

Sometimes it is easy as a parent to get so caught up in the busy schedules and the routines that we can miss out on the little moments. This month I asked my facebook friends to share funny moments of things their kids have said or done that have made them laugh. The comments and stories that were shared ranged from hilarious to gross (I mean we are talking about babies and kids!) to sweet and innocent. But each were a reminder to take things slow sometimes. Enjoy these stories… Continue reading