Monthly Shopping – SEPTEMBER MENU

This month I did a lot more meals that needed last minute prepping…which, with better planning, might have worked out okay. But with a little guy and my husband working SOOO many nights, it made it rough to get dinner ready sometimes. But, we’re trying out more vegetarian meals and so far they have been a hit – even the Portabello Burgers! Enjoy… Continue reading


Parenting is HARD Work

In his book Sacred Marriage, Gary Thomas asks the question, “What if God designed marriage to make us more holy more than to make us happy?” It is a question I have reminded myself of when my marriage inevitably goes through rough patches. I had rose-colored glasses about marriage, and I have recently discovered that I had rose-colored glasses about being a mom too.

Like an engagement, we went through a season of being so happy and excited about our “little bundle of joy” coming into our lives. Then he was finally here and all of our dreams of being parents and having this precious boy as our son suddenly became dreams I thought I might not be ready for. The honeymoon was over when we found out that parenting is hard.

Parenting is HARD work. Continue reading

Things You Wish They Told You…

I’m a cartoonist and a mom, so I’ve combined the two…I draw cartoons about being a mom. You can check them out by clicking “Humor” at the top of this site, or clicking HERE.

Things You Wish They Told You About Parenting…BEFORE IT Happened

We went on our first family trip since our baby was born and it was chaotic to say the least. I never realized just how much a little, tiny person needed for two days. It’s really unbelievable how much more stuff he had than us! When all was said and done, we had less than a suitcase and he had…more than a few…

Vacation Packing