10 Things I Wish I Could Tell My College Self

As I was standing in my baby’s room, praying over him while I held him, waiting for him to fall asleep, I thought back to a conversation I had with a college friend earlier that day. Talking to her always brings back so many memories. We met our freshman year of college, nearly ten years ago. Ten. Years. It’s unbelievable how much time has passed by and how quickly. And now here we are, both married and each with a baby.

Reminiscing got me thinking: How much has changed since then? What kind of person am I now compared to that girl nearly a decade ago? What are my dreams today that I never would have thought of back then?

And then I thought, if I could tell that girl a few things about life, knowing how things would end up, what would I say? So I made a list:

  1. Pay more attention in Dr. Robert’s OT/NT Survey classes. It will be your biggest regret later on that you didn’t learn as much as you could from him when you had the chance. Give him the respect he deserves by ignoring the boy who won’t stop talking to you.
  2. Don’t date. Just don’t do it. It will be a huge waste of time and completely pointless. The perfect man for you is not here, so stop trying to find him just yet.
  3. Keep the confidence in yourself that you have right now. You will experience heartache and strained relationships, don’t let your confidence become a casualty.
  4. Remember that God always provides. You will graduate, and you will graduate debt-free. Don’t lose heart or let it get you down. Keep working hard and keep pushing forward.
  5. Cherish your friendships. You will miss these days of dorm life and sharing a bathroom. This is the only time in your life when you’ll have wonderful girlfriends like these girls living next door or down the hall, cherish them.
  6. Be grateful for being able to function on four hours of sleep a night. You won’t be able to in ten years – and that’s when you’ll really need it.
  7. Stop sometimes to rejoice in the little things, like walking to class barefoot in the rain, or seeing the mountains every morning, hearing the chapel bells play, and taking a walk to the post office alone.
  8. Give up your idea of perfection. It isn’t those popular girls, or those athletic guys. It isn’t straight A’s, or always being right. It isn’t anything at all because you can never achieve it, so stop thinking you can, it will relieve a lot of stress.
  9. Study up on your German history before discussing places to visit in Berlin. Specifically a wall. Trust me, you will never live it down.
  10. Remember the past fondly, and look forward to the future, it’s going to be great.

8 thoughts on “10 Things I Wish I Could Tell My College Self

  1. Love this!!! Especially #9. 🙂 I wouldn’t go back to being the college-age Anna any day. Too much good growth in these ten years. (Seriously?!? It’s been almost ten years??) Love you, Danielle, and so thankful for our friendship.

  2. I love this list! Especially numbers 1 and 7. I had Dr. Roberts too and told someone just the other day that I wish I had actually learned what we were taught, as opposed to just memorizing it for the test.

  3. Wow, Good List! I also wish I woulsmhave paid attention in Roberts class…it was early and I dozed off a lot. And the dorm time with the guys I miss more than anything.

  4. Danielle – et al,
    Thanks for the encouraging words. You all have been too kind, and you were good students – in spite of your memories of not doing enough. If there is a desire to learn more now, then maybe the success of the Survey classes has shone thru after all!
    I’m glad someone passed on this link so I can catch up with you. I enjoyed your guest editorial in the Lookout recently, but didn’t know how to let you know I’m glad you’re continuing to let your light shine. We miss seeing you, but I’m glad to see the baby pix now!

    • Thank you! You were a wonderful teacher, and also according to the other comments – well loved and respected by us kiddos 🙂 Speaking of learning more and writing for the Lookout, I am writing a series of life lessons for them, to be published early next year, based on the book of James. Would you have some insights or commentaries to pass on to me? You can contact me via e-mail: snazzyartables@yahoo.com We miss you guys too and our church/school family! Hope everything is well with you, and thank whoever sent the link on to you for me too 🙂

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