I am a Christian, but I am a Hypocrite

I am a Christian, but I am a hypocrite. Too many times I have seen in the media and on facebook statements made about the church and its people. How unloving we are, how judgmental, and how hypocritical. It breaks my heart, but it’s unfortunately true.

I have been an example of unloving behavior, of being judgmental, and of being a hypocrite. I claim Christianity for me, for my salvation, for my forgiveness, but do I give that same acceptance to others? Not always. Continue reading


5 Ways to Creatively Pay for College

I paid $44,670 for college. Cash. My two biggest secrets? I didn’t take loans and I took my time.

I’m a believer in staying in the positive financially as much as possible, especially when it comes to college. And I have some advice for you on how to do it creatively.

  1. Use your gifts – Everyone is good at something. For me, I loved cartooning so I taught cartooning lessons and I was studying photography in college, so I took portrait photos. I was able to earn a little experience, while earning a little cash. Babysit. Design websites. Repair cars, or computers. Use your gifts to benefit your education. Continue reading

10 Things I Wish I Could Tell My College Self

As I was standing in my baby’s room, praying over him while I held him, waiting for him to fall asleep, I thought back to a conversation I had with a college friend earlier that day. Talking to her always brings back so many memories. We met our freshman year of college, nearly ten years ago. Ten. Years. It’s unbelievable how much time has passed by and how quickly. And now here we are, both married and each with a baby.

Reminiscing got me thinking: How much has changed since then? What kind of person am I now compared to that girl nearly a decade ago? What are my dreams today that I never would have thought of back then?

And then I thought, if I could tell that girl a few things about life, knowing how things would end up, what would I say? So I made a list: Continue reading

5 Ways to Beat Your Budget

The word “budget” sometimes has a bad reputation, you may even get a little chill up your spine when you hear it. But it shouldn’t be a negative thing. Budgeting your money means you’re being SMART. It means you’re controlling your money instead of your money controlling you. It means you are deciding what is important to you and you are making a PLAN to get there. I like that word plan so much, I prefer to call a budget a “spending plan.” Doesn’t that sounds so much more free and organized at the same time?! Continue reading