Monthly Shopping – JULY LIST

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Here is the MASSIVE grocery list for the month of July MENU. My bill for the whole month (including more than what is here because I bought baking supplies, and other foods for breakfast and lunches) came out to $230 – which is just under $60 a week for two people. Not bad! I also mentioned before that I am on a dairy-free diet, so you won’t see much dairy on this list (I’m not making my hubby go without it!), although some of the recipes do call for it.

You can save on some of these things by purchasing dry beans and cooking them yourself. You can also use this handy Spice Substitution Chart and Herb Substitution Chart to avoid purchasing all of the ones listed. OR…if you want to stock your pantry (like I did this month – another reason my bill was a little high), Kroger sells a variety of spices and herbs for $1 each, while Wal-Mart has a limited collection for .50 each. Something to check into! Continue reading


Monthly Shopping – JULY MENU

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This month has proved to be even more challenging than normal! My son has had a lot of trouble breastfeeding and I have had to cut back significantly on dairy in my diet. I have been eating eggs or cheese every once in awhile, but have avoided it as much as possible.

I ended up spending my entire budget of $230 for the month BUT that is because I stocked my pantry with spices and baking supplies I was out of and included some more expensive fruits and veggies in the menu than usual. HOWEVER, that included my breakfast and dinners, so I came in well under $200 for these 24 dinners which roughly = $4 per person per meal (my husband and me).

So, enjoy these yummy recipes, and if you like what you see, CLICK HERE for the shopping list!

Meals with an (*) are meals that will have leftovers for lunch the next day

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