In Your Spare Time

For a year I have run the blog/website Snazzy Artables. I have written about marriage, money, art, college, and then I found out I was pregnant.

I quit my job and we prepared for living on one income. During my time “off” I got the house ready, they call that nesting I do believe 🙂 Then getting a little bored with housework, I picked up cartooning again. I have a BFA in Fine Art and Photography, but as a young teen, I had always dreamt of being a cartoonist. I started cartooning my pregnancy – cause let’s face it, pregnancy is pretty funny. Then when my son was born, I realized that humor was going to be the only thing to get me through parenting alive, so I started cartooning the crazy stuff we deal with as new parents.

After all of that Snazzy Artables was getting pretty cluttered, so now here we are with a personal blog about our family, our money, and our marriage. We call it, The Mighty Metz. Cheesy? Most definitely. But if you’ve met us, you understand 🙂 And it might also be a little truthful. We’re pretty determined and driven people. So it was fitting, as this blog and the Snazzy Artables cartoon website came from the determination to do what we love, despite others opinions of what our lives should be.

So let this be encouragement to follow your own way, because as long as you love it, money shouldn’t determine it. Use your “spare time” until you can make it your “full-time.” And in the meant time…enjoy.


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